About Movie Golf


Movie Golf is a movie trivia game—like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon— that involves connecting movies. The object of the game is to connect two seemingly different movies by putting the fewest intermediaries. To putt to another film, you must find a common actor. For example, you can putt from "Legally Blonde" to "Pleasantville" via Reese Witherspoon. Each film that you putt to is called an intermediary.

Here's an example of trying to golf from "Casablanca" to "Donnie Darko":

You can play the game in a few different ways: you can challenge your friends to see who can come up with the fewest intermediaries, or you can all try to come up with a golf together. Especially in larger groups, if you all work together, you can discover some surprisingly short paths.

Another variant of Movie Golf that has developed on this site is "stump the computer". Since moviegolf.com finds the fastest path between two movies, there are many who try to find movies that are so vastly different that moviegolf.com cannot find a path within six intermediaries. Most movies can be connected within two intermediaries, so try to find ones that can't!

The Rules

  1. You can only putt between two movies if they share an actor (directors and other crew don't count).
  2. You can only use movies to putt; you cannot use television episodes.
  3. You cannot use documentaries.
  4. The actor must have acted in the film (i.e. be listed in the cast) in order for he or she to be used. For instance, you cannot use Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob, to putt from "War of the Worlds", even though it shows a brief clip of SpongeBob Squarepants.